Can hybrid cars reduce the dependency

California with SB is requiring regional plans that integrate development, transportation, and greenhouse gas reduction.

Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit. Moving toward cleaner, cost-effective, domestic fuels such as electricity can help address the economic and national security consequences of U. The fact that we are beholden to Middle East regimes, often unpopular in their own country, requires that we maintain a military presence in the region to protect our interest in the oil resources.

The largest reserves in the world will remain in the Middle East. Community and regional planners are making cities vibrant, with work, services, and play close at hand. Many of the sports hybrid cars however did not give as much mileage and more expensive then the conventional cars.

Employer programs have helped with reduced car ownership. Electric vehicles are one avenue to reducing dependence on foreign oil and helping manage the increasing energy needs of the world's burgeoning middle class -- and competing globally for private investment, jobs, and exports.

Instead of using foreign oil, these cars use domestic energy from renewables, natural gas and nuclear power plants. The much-publicized new domestic reserve additions, as the result of the higher world price, are not sufficient to cover the gap between our domestic production and consumption.

These countries recognize that clean energy can enhance their energy security, create domestic jobs and businesses, and protect the environment by reducing pollution. Automakers have made an impressive comeback from the Great Recession by building cars that save thousands over their lives with better design, efficient engines, and hybrid drive systems.

There is currently no commercial production of oil shale in this country due to historical economics and environmental concerns.

However, developing a comprehensive energy policy in which we seek to capitalize on a range of domestic energy sources, including oil, coal, natural gas, renewable resources, and biofuels, would minimize the existing imbalance between demand and supply.

As the need for energy and oil surges, nations like India — as well as Germany, China and Japan — are adopting strong national policies to capture billions of dollars in private capital to develop and deploy clean energy systems, some of which can help limit their dependence on imported oil.

Can Hybrid Cars Reduce the Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Automakers are targeting Toyota Prius was the first passenger car with hybrid technology which was brought forth in Japan in Americans and Canadians consume almost three gallons of oil per day per capita, mostly in automobiles.

By almost all car manufactures offered hybrid model cars along with a few sports hybrid cars. For example, electricity is generated through diversified, domestic sources. But EVs are not just about lowering fuel costs and reducing our oil imports. In addition, each region will require substantial investment and infrastructure before coming on-stream.

Light trucks average Alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit. Nations such as South Korea, Japan, and China are aggressively investing billions of dollars in research and development and incentivizing deployment of EVs to capture large shares in this growing worldwide sector.

Hybrid and electric drive technologies are ripe for deployment in medium- and heavy-duty trucks, especially those in stop-and-go urban, port, and industrial sites.

These two near-term solutions would help support the U. Making us more dependent on oil will not make us less dependent. Watch out, there is a bill in Congress to cut transportation funding. Americans make about 11 billion trips on U. The picture is changing for the better.

Inthe transportation sector accounted for more than 70 percent of U. In India alone, 1. And our efforts to democratize the countries are unsuccessful — perhaps because our motives remain suspect by the people living there. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy. The cars reduce the dependency on fossil fuels because they are run on alternative fuels. By combining gasoline with electric power, hybrids will have the same or.

Electric Vehicles Can Help Reduce U.S. Oil Dependence

Climate Facts The Next Generation of Hybrid Cars: Plug-in Hybrids Can Help Reduce Global Warming and Slash Oil Dependency With today’s persistently high oil prices, Americans are spending more.

Aug 02,  · It was technology-neutral and supported numerous fuels, including electric drive, that would reduce U.S. dependence on petroleum. Section 30B. Credits for Hybrid Medium-. See how the U.S. can become oil independent by with a comprehensive energy policy.

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In order to reduce our oil dependence, we need to do the following things: 1. Diversify our energy resources. We should spend more money on other energy alternatives such as nuclear power, solar and wind power. 2. Spend more money in researching more oil wells around America.

Hybrid cars will save you a lot of money. Also, an electric car.

Can hybrid cars reduce the dependency
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